Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011


today,march 20th 2011..this saturday(in Indonesian calendar^^)..again again and again i woke up in a bad mood..hemm
but at my girl friend came and gimme a nice morning..haha
but it didn't took a long time before my mom told me to go to my grandfathers house to take a few things for my family...hemm
but after that me and my GF can have a great noon,take a nap like a couple of wife and husband..but without any thing else...just nap..haha
after woke up,my GF gimme a plastic of something..hemm heart shape,its a luchbox..haha she made me a bento

if u dont understand what is bento than klick link bellow

its made from rica,mushroom,and lots of vegetables( she know that i love vegetables^^)and a big meatball...haha( i said its true cz the meat ball is sooooooo big haha)
this is the pict...

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