Rabu, 31 Maret 2010

harajuku style

mulai bahas hal yang serius...
harajuku style...

dari sumber yang aku baca..harajuku style dibagi jadi 6 dasar
-visua kei,disini image cowo2cantik bner2 diuji..karena dalam posting blog pertamaku udah aku bahas kalo 99% dari mrk adalah laki2 tulen

-goth,hampirkaya vis.kei,tapi disini lbh menonjolkan pakaian era2 victorian diinggris..ada yang ttp kliatan serem(kaya moi dix mois),ato yang cute goth lolita(kaya chii di chobits)

-kogal/gangguro,disini style yang ditonjolkan adalah kulit glap dgn dandanan ag2 pucat tp pake bnyk accessoris,mpe tangannya g kliatan kdng xb kaya gni
-decora,lebih terlihat cute dengan baju yang cute,gaya cute,pokoknya inti decora adalah warna warni dan cute ky gni
-punkz,kalo ini udah jelas dengan smua piercing ma baju yang ngepunk abis..
-sama tradisional,y kalo ini lebih ke baju adat2 gt,kimono...yukata...kind of that stuff tp dimodifikasi jadi lbh cute

kalo dari sumberku(tp maaf masi pake b.ing..xb) step2 harajuku style :
  1. Mix and (mis)match different fashions. What is now known as Harajuku (like Halloween in Japan every Sunday) style started as teens in the district began to integrate traditional Japanese attire, especially kimonos and geta sandals, into their dress. Before, they wore primarily clothes that were influenced by the West, but by mixing the traditional with the modern, they created a new style. Other examples of mixing and matching including the punk look with the schoolgirl uniform or a goth look with designer clothes. In Harajuku, mixing different styles and mismatching colors and patterns is encouraged--you can do anything you want, as long as your outfit is a thoughtful expression of your individuality
  2. Become familiar with variations of style in the Harajuku district. It's impossible to pinpoint one "Harajuku style." Many styles have originated or developed on the streets of Harajuku, and many Harajuku girls (and boys) integrate one or more of these somewhat more defined styles into their outfits.

    • Gothic Lolita involves wearing gothic, feminine and elegant clothes, to the extent that you look like a living Victorian doll.
    • Japanese punks, inspired by the punk movement that began in London in the 70s, magnify rebelliousness with over-the-top clothes, accessories, makeup, and piercings.
    • Cosplay entails dressing up like your favorite cartoon/anime or computer game character.
    • Decora style favors bright colors, flamboyance and accessories from head to toe. You decorate yourself with plastic toys and jewelry, and it's not uncommon to have so many that you can hear them click together when the person moves.
    • Kawaii (literally translating from Japanese to "cute") places an emphasis on childlike playfulness--anime characters, ruffles, pastel colors, toys, and so on.
    • Wamono refers to mixing traditional Japanese attire with Western fashion.
  3. Dress in layers. One of the hallmarks of Harajuku is layering. Sweaters, vests, or jackets over blouses over t-shirts, dresses worn with leggings, and so on. Layering clothes (or giving the appearance of layering by wearing ruffled dresses, for example) allows you to mix and match a wider variety of different styles, and adds more dimension to your outfit.
  4. Customize your clothes. Secondhand clothing and do-it-yourself styles are popular ingredients in a Harajuku outfit. Like that flowered skirt but think it would look cuter with a ribbon pinned on it or with a more uneven, angular hemline? Get out the scissors and glue and make your store-bought clothes uniquely yours. Or, go even further and make your own skirt. Cutting the fabric to create bold angles and lines can make even a plain black dress appear remarkable and fun.
  5. Accessorize. Add any wild accessories you have, such as belts, earrings, hair clips, jewelry, and handbags. Remember, accessories can be colorful and loud, and they don't have to match your clothes. Speaking of loud, in decora, a particular Harajuku style, accessories embellish an outfit from head to toe, and objects such as bells are sometimes used to add an aural dimension to the wardrobe.
  6. Go wild with your hair and makeup. The Harajuku style doesn't have to stop with your clothes. Pigtails and other "cute" hairstyles are particularly popular, as is dying your hair. Creative, even theatrical makeup can be a fun addition.
  7. Wear whatever looks good to you. It's been said that the Harajuku style is not really a protest against mainstream fashion and commercialism (as punk was), but rather a way of dressing in whatever looks good to you. If you think mismatched rainbow and polka-dot leggings look good with a plaid dress, go for it!
  8. Smile and say chiizu! If you dress Harajuku style outside of Harajuku, you'll likely draw attention from people unfamiliar with your international fashion sense. If the attention isn't positive, just smile graciously and keep going about your business. But if people ask questions or want to take pictures, strike a pose! The people in Harajuku are proud of their style, so you should be, too.
so...sgtu dulu update blogku...maaf kalo kurang lkp...

Kamis, 18 Maret 2010

new update

akhir2 ni lagi suka bgt dgr steven and coconut treez sama x-japan....dua aliran musik yang berbeda tapi bikin tenang coba aja deh...denger lagunya x-japan album dahlia...penuh suasana damai...um hari ini kamis 19 maret 2010...aku keruah ceweku melepas rindu...dijalan liat pembangunan gt...ntah dibangun apa...tp pake alat berat gt ma ngratain tanah...dan yang bikin aku nganga adalah alat berat itu mungkin jaraknya cuma 1/2 meter dari bibir tebing...aku mikir "g takut mampus tu orang?" padahal gajinya juga g gde bgt,,haduuuuuuuuuuuh...benar2 rel a berkorban demi anak istri...g tau aku brani gt ap g tar...mg2 aj brani....demi anak istriku....sama kaya pengalaman hidup yang aku dapet dari jalanan...tiap x lg bete...aku g mnuju kmn2...tp cuma jalan aja nyusuri jalan..cari jawaban dari masalahku....*ko jd serius y???* tapi emang gt...tiap x ada masalah gede aku justru dapet jawaban dari semua itu dijalan...dari tukang asongan,pengamen,pengemis,tukang sampah,tukang nasi kucing...y smua itu deh,,,pengalaman berharga yang g aku dapet diskolah manapun...smoga para 'guru' yang pernah kasi pelajaran2 berharga itu selalu diberkahi hidupnya...amin amin amin...ok update slanjutnya ttg harajuku style....smangat ngeblog lg!!!!!!